Conversational AI for Lead Generation & Nurture

Automate lead nurturing and increase conversion rates by 3x

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Sales teams across the globe struggle with navigating through vast amounts of customer data while striving to nurture leads effectively. Traditional methods often fall short, resulting in: poor customer experience, missed opportunities and lost revenue. That's where OpenFi comes in.

OpenFi leverages the power of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Large Language Models (LLMs), and proprietary data to provide an automated solution that nurtures and qualifies leads for corporates by delivering personalised and relevant follow-ups via platforms such as WhatsApp, live chat and email. OpenFi ensures leads remain engaged until they are ready to convert either automatically or hot leads handed to a sales agent to close. This low resource high converting channel ensures poor customer experiences, missed opportunities and lost revenue are prevented.

3.3X increase in lead conversion rate via OpenFi

Via OpenFi's charming conversational AI users are coached, educated and helped through the sales funnel until they are ready to proceed where the lead is either automatically converted or handed to an advisor to close. Don't believe us… try it out for yourself.

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Why choose us?


It is customised to the client's vertical, and can be trained on their data.


It nurtures leads on multiple channels providing personalised, relevant & educational follow-up until the lead is ready to convert.

Escalating ripe leads

Ripe leads are escalated to the human sales team.